Litigation Cases In Real Estate And Construction

The American commercial real estate and construction markets contribute more than $1 trillion to the country's economy. However, with that much business being transacted, there are many opportunities for legal conflicts to arise. At The Law Offices of Susan Schleck Kleiner, LLC, our attorneys provide their real estate and construction law clients with litigation and arbitration services. We can show you the most efficient path to resolving your conflict and advise you on your options at each step of the process. We are fierce advocates for our clients in negotiation sessions and in court, but accessible to you when you need us.

Our lawyers have significant backgrounds in the business world, so we understand what it takes to run a profitable business, and we put that experience to work when it comes to representing you.

Resolving Cases With Empathy And Determination

When our legal team takes your case, we balance empathy for your situation with determination to provide you with the best possible outcome. Some of the types of litigation we handle in construction and real estate include:

  • Construction liens
  • Failure to pay/stoppage of payment for contracted work
  • Construction defects
  • Consumer fraud lawsuits against home improvement contractors

We carefully examine all contracts and documentation related to the issue, and research the legal issues thoroughly to provide compelling representation of your side of the lawsuit.

Let A Professional Legal Team Handle Your Litigation Issues

Do not waste time and money by trying to handle lawsuits on your own. Hire The Law Offices of Susan Schleck Kleiner, LLC, and return to what you do best: running your business. We are located in Metuchen and serve clients across the state of New Jersey. Call us today to schedule an appointment: 732-318-6749. Or email us using our online contact form.